Bryan was a couple of graduating classes ahead of me at Auburn University Montgomery, but I distinctly remember his work as being exceptional. He was a part of a small group of designers whom we underclassmen saw as a standard of excellence to strive for. I know him even now to be a man of character and a skillful and versatile artist.

Jennifer Wiggins

Bryan is simply put an incredible artist. Every aspect of working with him is a pleasure. Always prepared, his approach makes it seem effortless to achieve ideal shots, and his skills in layout, design and video are top notch. His turnaround time is excellent, and he finds opportunities to help you tell your story visually and really acts as part of your team.

Meg Lewis

Bryan is exceptionally creative in photography and design and delivers visuals that add value to any organization or concept.

Amanda Gaby

Bryan, does incredible work both as a photographer and as a graphic artist. He is easy to work with even when deadlines are tight. He has my full and unreserved recommendation.

Jeff Andrews

Bryan has an amazing knowledge of graphic design, marketing, web development and photography. I have not met another person who is as well rounded in every area. He is a hard worker, does great research with regard to your specific needs and does an outstanding job regardless of what area you need his expertise. I would certainly recommend him for any of the above mentioned projects.

Dianne Sullivan

Bryan is very talented in his job skill. I would recommend him to anyone who needs professional artwork for posters, invitations etc.

Lea Turbert

Working with Bryan is a pleasure. He is extremely talented, creative, and always came up with wonderful ad designs with just a short notice. When I worked in ad sales I could trust that he would come up with exactly what I wanted in a short amount of time and with a great attitude! It doesn't hurt that he is a really nice person as well!

Chandler Hines

I've worked with Bryan on several projects and found him to be professional, easy to communicate with and a very talented graphic designer and photographer. He always meets deadlines, and when it comes to creativity, he exceeds expectations. I highly recommend him.

Jennifer Kornegay

Bryan is a very creative and innovative thinker. He always pushes the limits to make projects as unique and as well designed as possible. His design aesthetic is clean, sharp, and very well received by clients. Bryan is a very easy-going person to work with. I look forward to working along side him for mutual clients as well as outsourcing to each other when our separate projects allow.

Summer Patterson

Bryan has an incredible eye, and the technical knowledge to create what he envisions. To date, my particular experience with Bryan has been in the use of his photographs - both those where he was given a vision for the shoot and the subjects were supplied, and other situations where he chooses both what to shoot and how to best depict it. I love his creativity, and gladly use his creative services whenever possible.

Sandra Polizos

Bryan is smart, savvy, efficient and has a way of cutting through the fluff to get to the heart of the matter - something I truly appreciate and have often benefited from. These qualities are in addition to his elegant graphic design sense and adeptness with various software programs that allow his style to shine.

Marilyn Stemp

Bryan is a professional creative, through and through. He accepts and performs only the highest quality of work/art. I love working with him and will continue to work with him in the future, for sure!

Chelsea Patricia

His interaction with those he photographs, and his interpretation of our photographic needs, are of such a caliber that we seldom send a magazine representative to his photo sessions.

Bob Corley

Bryan’s creative eye never tires. He’s constantly finding ways to present everyday objects, people and ideas in a fresh setting, backed by an immense knowledge of digital and online media. His work is hallmarked by quick, efficient and timely production. Bryan is a priceless addition to any endeavor seeking quality art and an excellent choice for photography, advertising and marketing materials.

Tonya Vots

Bryan is an amazing graphic designer. He has designed several different magazines for my company, exploreMedia. He is able to take adjectives and turn them into a visual expression. He is disciplined in his work and strives to meet customer deadlines (even the emergency ones). He is responsive to emails, phone and text messaging. Bryan is professional and personable -- He is my number one "go-to" person.

Pam Mashburn

Bryan is an outstanding and meticulous designer. He takes great pride in his work and is very thorough with each project. Bryan thinks outside of the box yet always puts the client first to provide them with the quality product they come to expect and beyond.

Brad Jackson

Bryan is an artist whose work is gaining ground in his field. He is the consummate artistic professional whose patience and eye for detail is exactly what the photography professional should strive to emulate.

Marilyn Elmore

I have worked with Bryan on a few projects. I have also seen many examples of his work on projects that I was not involved in. In both cases the work that Bryan puts out is of the highest quality. I have been a fan of his photography as well as his graphic design work, both of which demonstrate his great eye for composition and structure. Combining images and text in a design is an art and Bryan really takes that into account when creating an end product for his clients.

Tim Cooper

Mr.Carter is very professional and a pleasure to work with! He is a amazing designer and worth hiring for any of your graphic design or web needs. He is not only highly respected within the local design community, but also very sought after by a variety of businesses. His work is worth every penny!

April Harris